Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In August... Bobbe' doesn't blog

I've decided to shake things up on this blog, because that's just the kind of girl I am. This month my millions of adoring fans (i.e., the two people who check this blog after being harassed by me) will not get to peer into my soul on these web pages. They'll get something better – the chance to peer into my friends' souls. I've asked (i.e., begged) pals to blog for me this month so as to showcase them in all their brilliance and randomness. Now I won't be the only one who sees how silly, cerebral, sensitive, smart and crazy they can be. (Sometimes in just one conversation.) I've sent out feelers to a few folks I think would be well-suited “guest contributing bloggers” as my friend described them. If you haven't gotten a feeler but have gotten the feeling you should do it, send me a paragraph on anything (or nothing). The rest of you… read their thoughts and reflect (i.e., laugh).

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