Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Martini madness

Last weekend I checked out the Chicago hotspot Martini Park. Or maybe I should call it ‘warmspot’, since I don’t usually hit a new spot when Paris does. Anyway I liked the place: It has a 30-something crowd (finally!), a cool space (different levels, round bar), an acceptable drink list, no cover, a central location, music that’s live and good (they played stuff from the 80s – even ‘Like a Virgin’). Of course, it helped that I had great company and a few martinis – the Pomegranate (health reasons) and the Pineapple Navan (peer pressure).

Aren’t martinis spectacular? Interestingly these days what makes a martini isn’t the vermouth but the glass. You could pour urine in there, and it would still be a martini as long as it’s a martini glass, the glass is frosted and the concoction is garnished with a lychee. Call it a urinetini and voila… yum! Personally I only LIKE drinking martinis but LOVE making them (strong and pretty), shaking them (vigorously) and serving them (and getting friends drunk). So next time you’d like to take the edge off with a mango martini, remember that you’ve got a friend in me.

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Neelima said...

urinetini? I don't think so...... No matter how amazing the glass looks or how much food coloring is placed into the urine......