Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Cheers, Queers!"

I headed over to the Gay Pride Parade with my friend, her daughter and her mom. It was interesting watching the festivities with an 11-year-old in tow. She was instructed by her mother to cover her eyes and/or ears as needed. Of course that would have meant missing 99 percent of the action. Some of my favorites? A guy wore a t-shirt that read "I love my undocumented boyfriend". And there was a straightforward sign on one float that read "Take off your pants". No frills, no games. Then there was the group of rowdy but fun guys next to us. One of them decided to make a toast. "Cheers, Queers!" he began then launched into a very colorful, very expletive-filled toast about Fing here, there and everywhere. The fun’s not always G-rated, but it is always memorable.

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