Sunday, July 1, 2007

Blabbing in the bathroom

This weekend I took a break from a brief stint of Mag Mile shopping this weekend to head to the loo. In the next stall a young woman carried on a casual convo with her mother. It went something like this:

Mom: “What are you doing?”
Daughter: “I’m at work.” (In annoyed tone.)
Mom: “You got home late last night.”
Daughter: “No, I didn’t. I was sleeping when I heard the noise you made when YOU got home.”

First I wondered what party-hearty mommy must look like then got to thinking about the call. What’s up with the bathroom blabbing? I’ve heard of nature calling, but the cell? Apparently 40 percent of us Americans think it’s ok to chat on the cell in the loo. But that’s not all the bathroom is good for. It seems nearly 20 percent of small business managers check work email in the bathroom. As for reading in the bathroom, well there’s a whole institute (Bathroom Readers' Institute) to support that odd habit. And blogging? Yes, people blog in the bathroom too – even while vacationing with a spouse. In case you’re wondering I wrote this little pearl of wisdom in a coffeeshop.


Neelima said...

Are you sure you were in the coffee shop when blogging? :-) The fact you had to specifically tell us makes me wonder

FooLion said...

Is this a uniquely female phenomenon? In my experience, utterances in the men's room are usually limited to the odd straining grunt or satisfied exhalation of triumph. Even eye contact is kept to a minimum. I wouldn't want to subject my own listeners to the orchestra of orifices which resound so well off of porcelain and bathroom tile. And if the phone should happen to fumble from your grasp into, well . . . how are you going to explain that? Karma? Best to go "hands free".

Sharran Srivatsaa said...

Whatever reading material goes into the bathroom gets flagged, no exceptions.

I personally think it is hilarious when people express themselves in public with their grunts, burps, belches, and bass-filled flatulence... that being said I am totally cool with people being on the throne while they are speaking with me on the phone... but for cryin' out loud - please mute when you flush, that kinda grosses EVEN me out... and very few things gross me out.