Thursday, November 15, 2007

You know you're thirtysomething when...

  1. Your girlfriends get glycolic peels (and you badly need one).
  2. Your workout goal is no longer just to work out but to work out without getting hurt.
  3. It takes 20 emails to plan one brunch – which probably ends up getting canceled.
  4. You go out for “drinks” (and wonder why everyone looks so young).
  5. You drive through a college campus (and wonder why everyone looks so young).
  6. Twentysomethings are shocked if you’re stupid enough to tell them your age.
  7. You’re wondering when to start getting regular mammograms.
  8. You’re likelier to google “rollover IRA” than “sex”.
  9. You meet more men online than offline.
  10. You watch more HGTV than MTV.
  11. 40 doesn’t sound so old after all.
  12. You while away your time making lists like this.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your blog's pretty cool. Where do you get the time for all this? I like the picture ur little niece clicked!

Chris said...

Nice point about "rollover IRA." I am now very sad.