Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great Darfur Exhibit @ The Field Museum

The Field Museum currently has a temporary exhibit on Darfur that looks very interesting. It’s based primarily on pictures by eight photographers. Among other things the images will be projected on the outside of the Field Museum every night until October 12. Last night the museum hosted a program called ‘DARFUR: Imagery and Reality’. A Chitown thirtysomething friend, PG, attended and loved it. Read on for her thoughts in her words.

“It was really great. The speakers were excellent; they included 28 year-old photographer Ryan Spencer Reed, who spoke so eloquently about the situation there. I am just blown away by him. His photographs of the strife in Chad and Sudan are beautiful, moving and powerful and really capture the resilience of the human spirit. Until his second year of college, he had wanted to be a doctor. (Part of this drive stemmed from the fact that there are 40 million uninsured Americans in this country.) Then during his second year of college, he picked up a camera and found his calling. Another one of the speakers was a Chad refugee who managed to escape the torture and who goes back to help other refugees. It’s inspiring to hear about people’s experiences and to feel that you can make a difference… this group of five people that comprised this panel has managed to lend a voice and raise awareness about the issue.”

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Asha said...

This pic is so beautiful of the boy, it really makes me want to go see the exhibit and learn more about what is currently going on there. I just wish it didn't end tomorrow.
Your Devon Friend, Asha.