Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sometimes I wonder? Not anymore!

*** By CN (Chicago) ***
As many of you reading this are undoubtedly aware, our dear friend Robert (some of you know her as Bobbe’, but I generally prefer to call her by her given name) has asked us for contributions to her blog. At first, I thought I'd much rather have contributed to something worthwhile like, oh I dunno UNICEF. But then I thought, well what the heck has UNICEF done for me lately? So much for the prologue. Well, in the spirit of blogging and friendship, I am going to attempt to answer ALL of the questions posed by Robbe’ on her ‘sometimes i wonder’ list.

Will my friends blog for me?!
Yes, but they will do so grudgingly. At least I will.

Is young Hollywood crazy?
Yes, but then so is old Hollywood.

Is Bush determined or delusional?
Both. I don't think that it's mutually exclusive. Bush is determined because he thinks he's right. But he thinks he's right because he's delusional.

Will Federer be "best ever"?
Actually, no. Tennis stopped in the 80's for me. I loved watching Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. The competition was great and even some of the lesser names were great fun to watch. Since then, the game has been diluted. Federer really can only challenge himself against one man, Rafael Nadal. Without real competition, Federer can never really push himself to true greatness. Still he does have one redeeming quality. Say ‘Federer’ five times in a row. It's really quite fun.

Is amnesty a good idea?
The system is broken no doubt, and there needs to be true reform. However, I have major problems with rewarding people for breaking the law.

Why aren't you posting comments?
Here's a comment – stop criticizing your friends.

Do you expect life to be "fair"?
Expect, no. But to even things out I depend on my two good friends – Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Just kidding – I'm pro-gun control.

Are newspapers passe?
Not yet. You wouldn't want to take a computer to the john. But I will say the writing in (most of) them is terrible. Still, it beats the local news. That's truly drivel.

Can Clinton or Obama win?
Clinton yes, Obama no. If Obama were to win the nomination, his flaws would be out under a microscope. We've just seen what happens when a country elects a President with little or no real experience. Obama hasn't even served a full term in the Senate but he thinks he should be President? I think he's just an opportunist. Plus he has all sorts of questionable links to the indicted Antonin "Tony" Rezko and did a land deal with him while Rezko was under investigation. Click. Other deals? Click here. Even if Obama claims it was a "mistake", it was exceptionally poor judgment. A quick side note: Dyou know that you can bet on who will win the nomination – legally? You can wager up to $500 here if you're interested.

Is Hollywood thin or is Chicago fat?
Both. Thank goodness we live so close to makes us look positively svelte in comparison.

Rosie or Elizabeth?
One is a shrill know-it-all. The other is completely gormless. Here's a tip: Avoid daytime TV whenever possible.

Why have cake if you can't eat it?
Who has cake and doesn't eat it? The concept alone is simply mind-boggling.

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