Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where to spot a supermodel?

What do you do if you're sitting around and, tired of watching 'Sex and the City' reruns as you eat bonbons, you decide you want to head out and bump into a supermodel? Well you head to some hipster lounge/restaurant in New York, Paris, London or Miami, according to When you get there check out the drink list. If they don't serve pomegranate martinis, head for the door. You see... that's what pretty, young things drink these days. If they are serving them and/or you're at a Nobu anywhere, you have a good chance of catching Giselle boozing it up or chowing down two tables over.

But what if you want to spot a supermodel in Chicago? My vote goes to Japonais, Gibsons Steakhouse or Le Passage. (If I don't list new-school places, that's because I'm just not a new-school kind of gal.) Although the only supermodel I've heard of being in Chicago recently is Cindy Crawford (I know, former supermodel). She was here with her hot hubby a few weeks ago at the Whiskey Bar I hear.

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