Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why I love the Chicago Marathon

I love the Chicago Marathon. Of course I mean watching, not actually running. Heck, just watching can be exhausting what with all the cheering and getting up before 8 am on a Sunday. Anyway I watched the marathon this morning, and I mean all of it. I saw all 36,000 runners. It’s my fifth year watching but my first as a world-renowned blogger; so this year I’m jotting down some thoughts on the experience for you, my loyal readers:

• The highlights: Made a friend, lost my voice, had a blast.

• Where I watched: Mile 6 & Mile 9.

• How this year was different: It was hot! I didn’t wear gloves or a coat.

• Number of friends I tried to wake up at 8 am to go watch: 1.

• Number of runners crying: 1.

• Number of runners juggling: 1. (See picture above.)

• Number of runners on cell phone: 3. (I bet they answer their phones during sex too.)

• Number or runners taking notes on a notepad: 1. (Poet? Journalist?)

• Number of runners who resumed running after hearing me cheer: 3.

• Best outfits: Elvis, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Yoda, Balls (and I don’t mean the type you play tennis with; it was a little gross).

• Runner responses to my cheering: Waves, peace signs, smiles, “Thank you, Baby”.

• Best message on shirt front: ‘Go Hot Runner’ & ‘Go Bitches Go’.

• Best message on shirt back: ‘My 2007 To-Do List: Buy condo (check), Run marathon (check)’ & ‘41 years, 5 kids, 1 marathon’.

• My favorite parts: Seeing the elite runners (see picture below) but also runners of all sizes and ages, cheering, getting inspired to be healthier (keep reading).

• What I ate right after the marathon: A donut.

• What I was told: The most spirited spectators are in Chinatown.

• Plans for next year: Watch in Chinatown with a megaphone.


Anonymous said...

I find your observations quirky and amusing. keep blogging

Chris said...

I respect the talent and discipline it must take to run a marathon. However, I barely have the endurance to jog to the corner store to buy a six-pack of Dr. Peppers.

Asha said...

I love that you ate a donut after watching the marathon!!!
Your BFF, Asha :)