Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How old is too old?

Waiting at my Lincoln Park bus stand last weekend, I chat with a random guy about about a random celebrity – Kirsten Dunst. How do you pronounce her first name? And was she a “skanky bitch” and a “slut” as the stickers on the newspaper stand proclaimed? We then talk about our buildings. They're next door to each other, but he's planning to move. Most of the residents are of a different age group – they’re older, he says. Apparently they don’t approve of the loudness of the fun he and his friends sometimes have. The guy has on a baseball cap, but it’s covering a head full of gray hair, so I assume he’s a fellow thirtysomething talking about Medicare-age neighbors. I’m wrong. He says, “Yeah, I mean they’re older than 35.” Unsure whether to laugh, cry or strangle, I finally opt for a neutral smile.


Chris said...

You should have opted from 'strangle.' I don't advocate strangling, but it would have broken up the day.

Asha said...

How old was he Bobs?