Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn in Chicago

When I first moved to Chicago I always heard Midwesterners raving about how they loved seeing all four seasons. Being a Louisianian at heart, of course I thought they were (a) lying, (b) rationalizing or (c) crazy. Now that I’ve lived in Chicago a while, I kind of see their point and am rather hoping there’s a (d) category. I got to pondering the seasons this weekend, because (1) I have no life and (2) I took my Fall clothes out of storage. I'm looking forward to wearing scarves, jackets... and sleeves. I'm also getting excited about Fall colors (I love Fall drives and taking pictures of trees with their leaves changing color); I even chatted with my friend Suj about going snowboarding in a few months. Still while I’m looking forward to Fall, I could do without Winter. I’m a three-season girl that way.


sarnacke said...

Fall is my favorite season, but I think it's best experienced in a college town. School is back in, the air is crisp, and students play touch football in the open spaces. The sounds of the marching band practicing drift through the yellowing trees. Man. I'm going to miss fall completely this year, leaving Bangalore to head to Australia for their summer.

Chris said...

As a boy, winter was my favorite season. However, as I have gotten older, autumn and spring have become the clear frontrunners. I love temperatures that are cool enough to wear a sweatshirt but warm enough to wear shorts.