Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More "football" madness

*** By CN (Chicago) ***
I know that many of you are thinking to yourself, "Hmm, I wonder how that friend of Bobbe's is doing. The one that likes soccer or football or whatever you call it." Well, loyal readers, let me quench your thirst for an update. But first let me digress and say I was overwhelmed by the number of e-mails sent to Bobbe' asking for more information on the Arsenal game. I am touched, given that you really don't even know who I am (which explains why the e-mails were sent to Bobbe' instead of me; this blogging for someone else can be pretty confusing). Well before I get to The Arsenal (if you really need to know more this very moment, click here) let me tell you that this mystery blogger (umm, that'd be me) is one of Bobbe's nearest and dearest friends.

Ah, but the game. Friends arrived at 5:50 am. I was joined by Bryan (fellow Hebe, about my/Bobbe's age) and John (English and soon-to-be septuagenarian). It was a little nerve-wracking and exciting waiting for the game to start. Well we could have waited a little longer. The game was scarcely 50 seconds old when our keeper (Jens Lehmann, a German international that was perhaps the best keep in last year's World Cup) made a poor clearance and allowed the visitors to score. Needless to say, it was an ignominious start to the new season. Arsenal dominated the game from then on but could not break down the opposition keeper. Finally Arsenal scored on a penalty kick (earned after Kolo Toure was impeded in the box) that was brilliantly taken by Robin van Persie. Then in the dying seconds of regulation, Alexander Hleb managed to put in a brilliant individual effort to rescue three points for the club. For the most part, watching the game was akin to being on a small boat in choppy seas after an all-night bender. I felt sick for long stretches but after the relief (of the goals in my case), I felt slightly better. Until next time...

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